Api Function Name


This api is a fork of the zoho_insert_lead and has been created on 16th of May 2019 by order of Mike S, Justin P and Mark B through basecamp ticket: https://basecamp.com/1772151/projects/7356404/todos/388558859

This function will take a contest entry generated from various sources such as facebook ads, gravity forms and general forms and insert that lead into the Zoho CRM system.

NOTE: unlike zoho_insert_lead, this api will NOT put the lead into leads approval.

End Point URL

The url end point is: https://api.arcticspascore.com/live/


action Type Example Required Description
action varchar zoho_insert_contest_entry yes

Name of the api function

contest_entered varchar Spring 2019 Mailout Contest yes

Name of the contest, EG: Spring 2019 Mailout Contest

consent_type_id varchar 1 yes

Inside of zoho there are set consent types which are:

1. Implied Consent (6 Months)
2. Purchase Consent (2 Years)
3. Express Consent (Until Unsubscribe)
4. Unsubscribe

When you pass the id we will apply the correct consent type

first_name varchar Joe

First name of the lead

In the case you are grabbing only the FULL NAME of the lead, you only need to pass the full name to the first_name field.

On the api side we will "SPLIT" the name into first and last name so both fields are populated.


Zoho requires a last name so if no last name is passed then the insert will fail, so when we receive the first_name data and last_name we will try and split the full name across the two fields so Zoho will be happy.

last_name varchar Bloggs

Last name of the lead

email varchar joe@bloggs.com

Email address of the lead

tel varchar 999888777

Telephone number of the lead.

Try and pass the full phone number including INT code if possible.

However, if you are passing ip parameter, we will do a country lookup anyway.

street varchar 1 Acme Way

This will be the street address for the lead.

city varchar Acmeville

This will be the city name for the lead.

zip_code varchar 19958

The zip code of the lead.

country varchar Canada

The country name of the lead.

NOTE: if you do not pass country but pass the ip then we will do a ip lookup and establish the country name from the IP.

ip varchar

This will be the IP of the lead.

If you pass the ip, we will do a country lookup to get some details of the api and pass those details to the zoho and core system

request_type varchar General Enquiry

This is a free text field for you to enter what type of request it is.

EG: General Enquiry or Support Question

source varchar Some web site

Enter a free text reference so we know where the lead was generated from.

source_dealer_domain varchar dealerurl.com

If this lead is from a dealer site or needs to be associated with a dealer site, then pass the BASE DOMAIN name, IE: not http:// or https:// or www. Pass only the domain name.

We use this domain name to compare it with the domains sitting in the dealer core system.

source_url varchar https://domain.com/form

An ABSOLUTE URL where the lead was generated.

For example if the lead is embedded in a form, pass the url of where the lead is embedded.

dealer_id varchar 1234

This will be the dealer id of the dealer in the dealer core system

description varchar Long runs the fox

This is a free text section which will be shown in the description field inside of the Zoho lead detail.

This can contain for example any comments or questions/requirements from the customer.

Response Codes

Response Code Response Message
15000 null response code
15001 contest_entered cannot be empty
15002 consent_type_id cannot be empty and must be a number
15003 consent_type_id is not valid
15004 zoho api returned an error (we will provide custom message from zoho)
15005 lead inserted successfully

Example Responses

Response Code Response Format Example
15005 json
    "MainResponse": {
        "APIName": "Arctic Spas Core Live API",
        "APIFunctionName": "zoho_insert_contest_entry",
        "HttpResponseCode": 200,
        "RequestID": 847273,
        "QueryDateTimeGMT": "2019-05-16 14:04:46",
        "ResponseTime": 2.74414110184,
        "ResponseCode": "15005",
        "ResponseMessage": "no errors so lead id 54924 should have been inserted to zoho"