Api Function Name


When the user uses api function dp_9000_do_password_verification, the user is sent an email in which they click to reset their password.

This api will process the link and upon successful verification of the link, the users password is set to a random password and the new password is sent to the users email address.

End Point URL

The url end point is: https://api.arcticspascore.com/live/


action Type Example Required Description
action varchar dp_8000_do_password_reset yes

name of the action

email varchar joe@bloggs.com yes

The email address of the user that wants to reset their password.

Response Codes

Response Code Response Message
8001 email was empty
8002 email was not valid
8003 email address does not exist
8004 error getting userdata, please contact support
8005 unknown error sending email, please contact support
8006 password reset email was sent successfully

Example Responses

No response examples available.