Api Function Name


This will check the credentials passed and then remove the session token from the system so user will no longer be logged in.

End Point URL

The url end point is: https://api.arcticspascore.com/live/


action Type Example Required Description
action varchar dp_5000_login_dealer yes

Name of the action

session_token varchar abc123 yes

The session token

wp_user_id int 123 yes

User id of the user.

Response Codes

Response Code Response Message
5001 session_token was empty
5003 wp_user_id was empty
5004 wp_user_id was not numeric
5005 credentials not valid
5006 session_token deleted successfully

Example Responses

Response Code Response Format Example
5006 json
    "MainResponse": {
        "APIName": "Arctic Spas Core Live API",
        "APIFunctionName": "dp_5000_logout_dealer",
        "HttpResponseCode": 200,
        "RequestID": 4924,
        "QueryDateTimeGMT": "2018-04-27 10:20:01",
        "ResponseTime": 0.120407104492,
        "ResponseCode": 5006,
        "ResponseMessage": "session_token deleted successfully"