Api Function Name


This function allows the user to update their password associated with theri dealer login.

When the user changes their password, the api will shoot off a notification email to the user notifying them their password was changed*.

*For security, the notification email DOES NOT contain the new password.

End Point URL

The url end point is: https://api.arcticspascore.com/live/


action Type Example Required Description
wp_user_id int 999 yes

The user id of the user.

session_token varchar 55d6c3gh88d55a5 yes

This is the session token from the logged in session.

password varchar abcd1234 yes

This will be the new password the user wants to set.

Response Codes

Response Code Response Message
10001 wp_user_id was not valid
10002 session_token was empty
10003 password was empty
10004 password was not valid
10005 session credentials not valid
10006 unknown error sending email, please contact support
10007 password was reset

Example Responses

No response examples available.